A blog to help the “mommy brain” pick out a shower theme.
By Mimi & Leo Creations

It is an exciting moment to find out that baby is on board. The anxiety of what is to come and happiness of expanding the family. As a mom myself, I had both a simple and complicated pregnancy. With everything that is going on in your body and trying to figure out the new hormonal emotions, it can become difficult to focus on the small details that come with a baby shower. So this is the mission of this blog. To include some ideas to help out the “mommy brain” in picking out themes for that special day to celebrate the new little person that will rule your world.

First think about your personality. If you’re traditional, religious, simplistic, nature lover, modern, or maybe a book worm. All of these traits can spin off into a creative baby shower theme. Here are some examples:

 1. The “Traditional”
The traditional baby shower theme is everything we commonly associate with baby. Things like diapers, stork, rattle, pacifier, baby bottle, and onesies. Which can be great if you still don’t know the sex of your child and want to maintain the mystery. But you can give it a creative spin by adding a vintage flare or playing with color.

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 2. “Pretend Play”
With this theme you can let your imagination soar like your child will. It can range from ballerina, fireman, princess, cowgirl, or racecar driver. Just think of your own childhood and try to relate it to the party experience.

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 3. “Book Worm”
This is one of my personal favorites. With great books such as “Cat in the Hat”, “Winnie the Pooh”,  “Alice in Wonderland”,  “Jungle Book” and “Pat the Bunny”. All of these wonderful worlds translate into cute and unique themes.

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 4. “ Children’s Song”
With this theme you also have the ability to create a gender-neutral baby shower, with titles such as “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, “Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” or the “Wheels on the Bus”.

Picture from:

 5. “Nature and Animals”
This has a large range. With a wide variety on animals, plants, or scenes, it gives the new mom a lot of elements to play with. Such as a beach theme, lumberjack, garden tea party, or eco-friendly shower. And with animals, it can be as simple as chicks, bunnies, butterflies, and teddy bears. Also a jungle theme, farm scene, or days at the zoo are also great idea.

Picture from:

 6. “Pattern and Color”
This can vary from the ultra chick and simple white, to crazy mod colors. Even traditional pinks and blues can be used, or gender-neutral greens and yellows.

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Whatever theme you choose it will make for a wonderful shower. The key is to relax, enjoy, and don’t forget to pack a pair of flats!



  1. Hey I think its great that you’re a proud active mom, and on top of that you’re giving back through help others going through what you already experienced. I’m not sure, nor would i want to experience what you gone through with child birth. I know the facts you gave are to the “T” I’m a father of one Beautiful Girl and when i read the Hormonal imbalance made me chuckle. Because my daughter mother would go through the most bizarre cravings and mood swings i ever witnessed during her pregnancy.
    Baby showers are a special event and like you stated for those keeping the baby sex a secret is a challenged.
    i enjoy looking at you pictures or the many different Baby showers Decor. Well done. I wish you the best in your future ventures.

  2. Excellent post. It has a lot of detail, and is broken up well.
    Speaking of breaking things up: you can break the post up so that a person doesn’t see the whole thing on the home page, until they click to read more.
    When you’re writing the post, there should be a button on the first row of icons (near BOLD, ITALICS, etc), of a dotted line breaking two boxes.
    Click in your post, click that READ MORE icon, and it will break it. Give it a try.

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