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This blog was a bit nostalgic for me. I remember the day my father also put $2000 dollars towards buying a computer and expanding our education. The huge white boxes of whole punched paper for our new printer, and the frenzy my brother had to buy some Sierra games. It was a huge event that revolutionized out family.

I can completely relate in that way to this blog. Even though I did not dive into the programing aspect of it, my brothers surely did. This was great for me, since I had the Atari all to myself, and could play Popeye to my heart’s desire. We were all older children and my parents thought we were mature enough for a machine such as this.

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Times have changed, now I am amazed how easily my 18 month old took to his new iPad given by his grandfather this Christmas. It is outstanding how this type of technology has evolved and revolutionized life as we know it. Keeps me wondering what life will be like for the newer generations that seem to be born tech-savvy.


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